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Absinthe Protect is the interoperable web3 standard for bot detection and multi-accounting. It leverages dozens of signals in a privacy-preserving way with 99.5% detection accuracy.


Questing platforms use Absinthe Protect as a proof-of-humanity quest action.

They use this information to give bots more tasks/on-chain actions, filter them out, and for analytics when preparing for an airdrop.

Zeekaptcha is the world's first web3 captcha. It is an open-sourced public good used to create on-chain reputation and on-chain Sybil protection through a proof-of-captcha.


What we are NOT

  • A ZK-Scaling solution (like an L2)
  • A DID Solution
  • A biometrics identity protocol to distinguish unique humans
  • Yet another Web2 captcha like Google reCaptcha, Cloudflare Turnstile, or hCaptcha

Product Overview

ZeekaptchaAbsinthe ProtectAbsinthe Protect+
PricingFreeFirst 1k Requests FreeContact Us
User Time Required10s<1s<1s
Realtime Personhood
Effective Without Real-World Identity
Invisible Challenges
ML Detection Algorithms
Multi-Accounting Detection


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